Our Scents

This is a list of all of the smells that we now provide. See below for the names of our scents as well as descriptions of how they smell. These descriptions are based on our perceptions of the fragrances, and others may perceive the odours differently.

Violet Sparkle

This is how sparkly unicorns would smell if they existed! A sweet-smelling scent that smells a little like Parma Violets.

Fairy Drops

This is an excellent all-around smell. The perfume is reminiscent of a popular wintertime fragrance used by a well-known bath and body products firm.

FruiT Salad sweets

A blast from the pass! It's an unusual fruit mix that will delight your senses and bring back childhood memories! It smells exactly like a delicious fruit salad, and we're confident you'll enjoy it!

coco powder

This is a difficult aroma to describe. It has a powdery scent and is one of our more delicate fragrances. Despite the fact that it differs from Fresh Linen, it has a comparable "clean" aroma. As a premium bath scent, coco powder is fantastic.


This is a delectable fragrance with a wonderful aroma. It smells exactly like watermelon sweets.

Purple rain

This scent is a riff on the well-known Purple Rain cocktail. It also reminds us of Pear Drops.

Prosecco Raspberry

A fruity, playful take on a classic perfume. The body is primarily fruity, with noticeable prosecco flavours.


One of our most popular fragrances with our customers. This has a strong woody aroma that reminds me of going for a walk in the woods.

Coco Mango

This exotic scent will make you feel like you're in the middle of summer in no time! Refreshingly sweet, it reminds us of beach cocktails in the summer.


This is a popular smell during the holidays. This is an excellent year-round bakery aroma, however it is traditionally used during Christmas. Although the ginger flavour is prominent, it is effectively tempered by a vanilla undertone.

Fruit Fizz

This is a fruity scent with sherbety and fruity elements and a light scent.

Birthday Cake

This has the scent of a delectable sweet frosted Birthday Cake! This is a delicious bakery aroma that can be used all year.

Sweet Dreams

The aroma is delicate florals and lavender, and it has a calming effect. This is a lovely lavender and vanilla blend that has a sleepiness to it.

Fresh Linen

This is a light scent, yet it's far from insignificant. It smells like you just took fresh clothing out of the dryer.

Toffee Apple

Crisp green apples and creamy toffee come together beautifully. When you smell this in a product for a minute, you'll be sure it smells just like green apples, and when you sniff it again, you'll receive the scent of sweet sticky toffee.

Love Spells

This is a fruity fragrance with floral undertones.

Winter Spruce

Winter Spruce has a really wintery perfume to it, reminding me of the peace and quiet of a pine forest without smelling like typical toilet cleaning.

Lemon Cookie Bar

This is a wonderful bakery scent with a citrus undertone. This is nicely balanced, with neither too much sourness from the lemon nor too much sweetness from the pastry.

White Chocolate & Raspberry

This is a beautifully rich, sweet aroma. 

Peppermint Candycane

This is an amazing cool peppermint scent with notes of sugariness.